Selasa, 10 Januari 2012 | By: ♕Khansa Fatihah Muhammad

My ambition =)

I have so many hobbies , from all category , music , and so on.

Beside the hobbies , actually I have an ambition because inspired by people , or the other reason .

First , I want go to heaven if I've died with my family
Second , I want go to makkah , and haji with my brother and my parents
Third , I want go to the foreign country and study there , and I want to be a doctor
Fourth , I want to make my parents alway happy , and I hope I"ll be the great muslimah
Fifth , I want to be a photographer , that take so many interested photo , and turn around the world , to have so many interested thing that I can take the picture
Sixth , I want to fluent speak english and arabic
Seventh , I just want to be happy always in my life =)

just that , what's your ambition ? i hope all your ambition will come true!

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