Kamis, 21 Juli 2011 | By: ♕Khansa Fatihah Muhammad

Let Me Introduce Myself :)

Hi all :) My Name is Khansa Fatihah Muhammad ...mmm and You can call me Khansa ^^
This is my 2nd blogspot  ,so it's not 1st time I have Blogspot :D
I have so many hobby ,there is

  • Al about Photograph
  • Reading Book
  • Learn about science ,actually Biology (my favorite lesson)
  • Playing Piano
  • Online 
  • etc
I have an account on twitter http://twitter.com/#!/Khansafatihaa follow ok?  :)
I also have an account on facebook http://www.facebook.com/SShopedevonne add me ? :)
I have an user on looklet http://looklet.com/user/783783/looks follow me on looklet :)
I alsooo have an account on tumblr http://thisimplephtgrph.tumblr.com/ follow :)

ok,it's nearly about me ..
upss,I'm forget I'm Indonesian people (FOREVER) ,and Muslim :)


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