Rabu, 28 Desember 2011 | By: ♕Khansa Fatihah Muhammad

28 dec 2011 an event day!!

why? because there's so many event in there , first my mom and dad's anniversary , same with my birthday , so second my birthday , and I don't know there's something special in that's day , and so many people feel that 28 december there's something different with another day , yeah ^^ . 

what's again? I don't know in that's day I'm just online on twitter and playing game on facebook and so on , in the night I have dinner with my mother and also my brother , i'm order  for a  tenderloin steak , my mother order for a hutsput meetklupstuk , I don't know how to spell that , just it , my brother order for a fish and chips , yummy yeah.

just it 28 ! :)

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